Key Aspects of SBP Potential Investments

SBP’s approach of providing capital, advising and putting together a team with aligned interests will allow it to generate high-quality risk-adjusted returns and build scalable businesses.

Consumer Driven Sectors

The underlying driver for growth of Asian mid market companies in the next decade will be domestic demand, complemented by continued export focus on developed markets.

On Board Senior Advisors To Help Guide These Businesses

Look to actively involve one or more of the SBP advisory board, who will be involved directly, apart from co-investing with SBP.

Take A Significant Stake

Typically will look to take a significant stake initially with the core founder group of shareholders.

Fundamental Business Prospects

Invest in business’s that generate revenue and achieve break-even in 12-18 months.

Active Involvement

The idea is to come in at cost and then help build the business through active involvement in structuring capital raises and building strategic partnerships.