SBP Capital

Empowering companies to scale new heights

SBP Capital is focused on making investments in fast growing Asian businesses, led by outstanding entrepreneurs, that have the potential to emerge as leaders in its segment thereby delivering exceptional exit outcomes. The focus lies on collaborating with the portfolio companies to define high-impact growth initiatives, turn them into action and create long-term value.

Triggers of our Target Market

Technology Enablement

Immense Population

Increasing Consumer Spending

Consistent Economic


Competitive Advantage

Companies that have a working business model, (distinct competitive advantage) and a scalable market blueprint.

Experienced Management

We work with management teams who have a proven track record of success.

Strong Cash Flow Projection

Companies that have are breakeven or are near breakeven with strong revenue growth potential.

Clear Path to Exit

Companies that provide a clear exit strategy within 3-5 years through PE, IPO, Trade sale etc.

Investment Model

Our investment model is based on raising capital on a deal by deal basis. For each of SBP Capital’s Investment, we will create a special purpose vehicle (SPV), in which we will raise capital solely for that specific investment.

Investment Strategy

SBP Capital believes that there is a significant opportunity in our target markets to partner with quality entrepreneurs and business families, who are looking not only for capital, but guidance to help them scale their business. We will be flexible in structuring these investments as a supportive partner with significant alignment.

Harish Parameswar
Managing Partner

David Lim SS
Partner & Member of IC

Jeff Lombardi
Partner & Head of International